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Slavoj Žižek - Links

Slavoj Žižek Official Website.

Verso Books: Slavoj Žižek's Publishing House.

Slavoj Žižek Archives in Verso UK Blog.

Slavoj Žižek's Faculty Profile for University of Ljubljana.

Slavoj Žižek Profile in Society for Theoretical Psychoanalysis, Ljubljana.

Slavoj Žižek Profile and most recent works in In These Times.

Slavoj Žižek SASA Member.

Slavoj Žižek Author Profile and publications on Macmillan Books.

"Žižek!" Official Film Website.

"Žižek!" Film synopsis and links in Zeitgeist Films.

Slavoj Žižek biography, bibliography and works, on Lacan.

Slavoj Žižek articles listing on Lacan.

Slavoj Žižek archives in Next Left Review.

Slavoj Žižek online archives in Southbank Centre Literature Blog.

Collection of Slavoj Žižek Lectures in Portuguese.

Slavoj Žižek's Archive at

Slavoj Žižek on The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

"The Pervert's Guide to Cinema, presented by Slavoj Žižek." Official Film Site.

International Journal of Žižek Studies: Peer-reviewed academic journal devoted to the work of Slavoj Žižek.

Slavoj Žižek contributer in London Review of Books.

Slavoj Žižek on BBC Radio.

Blog posting by Slavoj Žižek. in: London Review of Books. March 23, 2010.

Blog of cartoon by Slavoj Žižek. in: Blogspot. July 5, 2010.

Slavoj Žižek # 23 in Britain's List of Top 100 Public Intellectuals. in: Prospect Magazine. Issue 100, July 24, 2010.

Podcast: Slavoj Žižek Birbeck University Lecture. November 24, 2009.

Slavoj Žižek's UK Tour Press Release. in: A Piece of Monologue. November 23-25, 2009.

Slavoj Žižek video discussion on Capitalism, Healthcare and Financial Crisis. in: Wordpress. (Video from "Democracy Now!") October 19, 2009.

Slavoj Žižek video discussion on Capitalism, Healthcare and Financial Crisis. in: Democracy Now! October 15, 2009.

Slavoj Žižek text on Iran. in: Blogspot.

Podcast: Slavoj Žižek Birbeck University Lecture. June 15, 2009.

Video: Slavoj Žižek lecture on Forum Network. April 20, 2009.

Video: Slavoj Žižek hosting Conference at Birbeck University. April 1, 2009.

Slavoj Žižek on NYPL Live Debate. September 16, 2008.

"Slavoj Žižek: What is the Question?" Radio Open Source. September 23, 2008.

Television Program Online Transcript. in: Democracy Now! March 11, 2008.

"A Plea for Fundamentalism." Slavoj Žižek on Slought Foundation Audio download. September 11- November 1, 2004.

"Japan through a Slovenian Looking Glass: Reflections of Media and Politic and Cinema" Interview by Geert Lovink. in: InterCommunication. No. 14, 1995.

"Zizek and Lenin" Article by Gavin Keeney. in: Counterpunch. July 28-29, 2002.