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Slavoj Žižek - Seminars / Workshops / Lectures

HEGEL (3 credits)

Slavoj Žižek, Ph.D.

Description: This course is an irreverent rediscovery of one of the most influential philosophers of all time; pronounced the first Post-Marxist, Hegel’s dialectics are considered as a systematic notation of the failures of all conceptual reconciliations. Hegel is fundamental to any student studying contemporary philosophy. This course will move within and beyond Hegel's theoretical foundations into the hottest academic debates of today.

Objectives: Students shall become familiar with Hegel and his influence on contemporary philosophical debates. Students will engage Hegel's main theories through a new perspective to bring to light undiscovered realms and hidden regions of Hegel's works.

Learning Outcomes: Students will have learned to incorporate the work of Hegel and Zizek into their dissertation projects. Students will be able to teach the theoretical foundations of Hegel. Students will be prepared to enter the contemporary critical dialogues surrounding Hegel.

Required Readings and Assignments:

Žižek, Slavoj. The Parallax View. MIT Press. 2006, Paperback, ISBN: B000J6ZSG6. Buy it at,,, or

Žižek, Slavoj. The Sublime Object of Ideology. Verso Books. December 1989. Hardcover, 240 pages, Language: English, ISBN: 0860912566. Buy it at,,, or or Verso Books. December 1989, Paperback, 336 pages, Language: English, ISBN: 0860919714. Buy it at,,, or

Žižek, Slavoj. Tarrying with the Negative: Kant, Hegel, and the Critique of Ideology (Post-Contemporary Interventions). Duke University Press. December 1993, Hardcover, 289 pages, Language: English, ISBN: 0822313626. Buy it at,,, or or Duke University Press. December 1993, Paperback, 304 pages, Language: English, ISBN: 0822313952. Buy it at,,, or

Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich and Stephen Houlgate (Editor). The Hegel Reader. (Blackwell Readers). Blackwell Publishers. 1998. Paperback, 568 pages, Language English, ISBN: 0631203478. Buy it at,,, or

Recommended Readings and Assignments:

Hegel, Georg and A. V. Miller (Translator) and J. N. Findlay (Foreword). Phenomenology of Spirit.. Oxford University Press. February 1, 1979. Paperback, 59 pages, Language English, ISBN: 0198245971. Buy it at,,, or

Žižek, Slavoj. Violence : six sideways reflections. Picador. 2008. Paperback, 272 pages, Language English, ISBN: 0312427182. Buy it at,,, or

Žižek, Slavoj, John Milbank and Creston Davis (Editor). The Monstrosity of Christ: Paradox or Dialectic? MIT Press. 2009. Hardcover, 416 pages, Language English, ISBN: 0262012715. Buy it at,,, or

Žižek, Slavoj, Rex Butler (Editor), and Scott Stephens (Editor). Interrogating the Real.´Continuum International Publishing Group. 2005. Reprint: December 19, 2006, New Edition, Paperback, 381 pages, Language English, ISBN: 0826489737. Buy it at,,, or

The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis. W. W. Norton & Company. April 17, 1998. Bk. 11, Paperback, 304 pages, Language English, ISBN: 0393317757. Buy it at,,, or


Slavoj Žižek, Ph.D.

Description: This course engages in a critque of religion, science, arts and politics. Through an engaged discussion of the most relevant thinkers of the 20th century and their relationship to ideology this course moves through the most relevant debates of today.

Objectives: Students shall come to class fully prepared to engage the readings on a critical level. Through completing the required readings and bringing one's own unique perspective to the table the seminar will push thinking to its furthest limitations. Only through a completely engaged dialogue will the course begin to push thinking beyond thinking for the process of continued growth in knowledge.

Course Outline:

Module One:

The Passion of the Real, the Spectacular Effect of the Real., Signs of Truth, Violence and Authenticity, The Experience of Otherness with No Otherness, The Hidden Violence of Normativity, The Changing Domains of Intimacy, The Real of Fantasy
Assigned Films: Apocalypse Now. Francis Ford Coppola, 1997 USA.; The Birds. Alfred Hitchcock, USA, 1963; The Enemy at the Gates Jean-Jacques Annaud, Ireland, UK, USA, 2001; The Truman Show. Peter Weir 1998 USA.; Empire Des Sens (In the Realm of the Senses) Nagisa Oshima 1976 Japan.; The Piano Teacher. Michael Haneke 2001, France, Austria.

Module Two:

The Passion of the Real, the Pure Semblance of the Spectacular; The Universal and the Real in the Obscene Underside of the Particular; Paying the Price for the Softhearted Liberal; Truth and its Fictional Structure; The Real as Fantasmatic Specter
Assigned Films: Mullholland Drive. David Lynch 2001, USA.; The Matrix. Wachowski, 1999, USA.; Ivan the Terrible I Eisenstein 1944 USSR.

Module Three:
Faith Without Belief; The Shame of Believing; The Dramatic Encounter of Radical Otherness; Hegel and The Split Christian God; Sex as Punishment; The Suspension of the Law and the Excess of Life

Module Four:

The Otherness of God, the Real of the (Christian) Illusion ; The Fall, the Abandonment of God by God; Death Drive and the Pursuit of Unhappiness; Love as State of Emergency; Modalities of the Real, Radical Otherness and Minimal Difference; The Truth in Inconsistancy

Module Five:

Capitalism, the Necessity of the Void and the End of Nature ; Exadaptation, Auto-Poiesis and the Relation of Desire; The Four Levels of Sacrifice; Neurobiology and Subjectivity, The Confusion of Cause & Effect; Sex and Virtuality, Nature as Technology

Module Six:

The Trauma of Culture ; Viagra or the Couch, Cognitive Science vs. Psychoanalysis; The Illusion of Human Dignity, Can Human Freedom Be Saved?; Sacrifice and The Ethical Act; Enjoyment: The Object Prohibited; Liberation requires Renunciation

Module Seven:

The Real and the Curvature of Symbolic Space ; Trauma and Einstein’s Relativity Theory; Contingency and the Retroactivity of the Past; Racism, the Enemy as Empty Container; Hollywood and the Function of Catastrophe
Assigned Films: Jaws Stephen Spielberg, 1995.USA.; The Titanic, James Cameron, 1997 USA.; Armageddon, Michael Bay, 1998 USA.; Deep Impact, Mimi Leader, 1998, USA.; Dances with Wolves, Kevin Costner, 1990, USA.; Awakenings, Penny Marshall, 1990, USA; Barracuda, Harry Kerwin, 1978, USA.; Heavens Gate, Michael Cimino, 1981, USA

Module Eight:

The Real and the Empty Place of Universality; Alain Badiou: The Real of Purification, The Real of Subtraction; The Beginning of Demos and the Birth of the Sans-Papier; Politics and the Search for the Empty Signifier; Heidegger and the Particular, The Specific as Schizophrenic; The Singular Universal and the Search for Minimal Difference; The Capitalist Economy of Suspension and Contingency; Modalities of the Real in Post War US Cinema
Assigned Films: Short Cuts Robert Altman 1993 USA; Birds Alfred Hitchcock 1963 USA

Module Nine:

Consciousness, The Dilemma Of Biogenetics and the Cognitive Sciences; Consciousness as Illusion, Evolutionary Necessity or Cognitive Closure; The Materialist Position: Humanity as By-product; The Pursuit of Pleasure, the Short Circuiting of Instrumental Functions; The Zero Level of Sexuality, Fantasy and the Lack of the Sexual Relationship; Sublimation, Fixation on the Impossible Act; The Radical Contingent Act, DeSade as the Truth of Kant
Assigned Film: Sound of Music, Robert Wise 1965 USA

Module Ten:

Fundamental Notions of Ideology; Interpassivity: The Transposition of Passive Experience; Action without Belief: Virtual Structures and Non Functioning Objects; The Subject Supposed to Know, the Subject Supposed to Enjoy; Dematerialization and The Power of the Fetish; The Obscenity of Power and the Incorporation of Excess; Melancholia and Mourning, Capitalism and its Lost Object; Gender Identity and the Metaphysical Primordial Object; Critique of Mimicry in Post Colonial Studies
Assigned Film: Life is Beautiful. Robert Berningi. 1997 Italy.

Module Eleven:

The Catastrophe, Probability/Impossibility and the Potentialities of the Past; The Event, Nomination, Retroactivity and the Forcing of the Truth; The Before/After of Catastrophe, The Structure of Our Historical World; Pure Capitalism and The Ultimate Empty Signifier, The Out Sourcing of Everything; Collective Solipsism, The Hidden Site of Material Production and the Consuming of Experience; Organs without a Body, Potential Subversions
Assigned Film: M Butterfly David Cronenburg 1993 USA.

Module Twelve:

Globalization, Democracy and Exclusion; Radical Divisions: Changes in Class Distinctions; Post Sept 11th, The Logic of the State/Non State of Emergency; Homo Sacer and Current Politic Structures: Concentration Camps and Humanitarian Aid; Liberal Democracy and its Master Signifier ‘The War on Terror‘; The Invisible Other and the Stigma of Non-Democracy

Required Readings:

Adorno, Horkheimer and John Cumming (Translator). Dialectic of Enlightenment. Continuum International Publishing Group. 1976. Paperback, 258 pages, Language English, ISBN: 0826400930. Buy it at,,, or

Agamben, Giorgio, Daniel Heller-Roazen (Translation). Homo Sacer: Sovereign Power and Bare Life. Stanford University Press. Stanford, June 1998, Hardcover, Language English, ISBN: 0804732175. Buy it at,,, or

Arendt, Hannah. The Human Condition. University of Chicago Press. 1998. Paperback, 352 pages, Language English, ISBN: 0226025985. Buy it at,,, or

Badiou, Alain and Peter Hallward (Translator). Ethics: An Essay on the Understanding of Evil. Verso. May 3, 2004. Hardcover, 224 pages, Language English, ISBN: 1859842976. Buy it at,,, or

Bataille, Georges and Peter Connor (Translator). Tears of Eros. City Lights Publishers. 2001. Paperback, 213 pages, Language English, ISBN: 0872862224. Buy it at,,, or

Benjamin, Walter and Peter Demetz (Editor). Reflections: Essays, Aphorisms, Autobiographical Writings. Schoken. 1986. Paperback, 348 pages, Language English, ISBN: 080520802X. Buy it at,,, or

Bhabha, Homi. Location of Culture. Routledge. 2004. Paperback, 248 pages, Language English, ISBN: 0415336392. Buy it at,,, or

Butler, Judith. The Psychic Life of Power: Theories of Subjection. Stanford University Press. Stanford, June 1997, Hardcover, ISBN: 0804728119. Buy it at Paperback, ISBN: 0804728127. Buy it at,, or

Butler, Judith and Ernesto Laclau and Slavoj Zizek. Contingency, Hegemony, Universality: Contemporary Dialogues on the Left. Verso. 2000. Hardcover, 300 pages, Language English, ISBN: 1859847579. Buy it at,,, or Paperback, 335 pages, Language English, ISBN: 185984278X. Buy it at,,, or

Chesterton, Gilbert Keith. Orthodoxy. FQ Publishing. 2007. Paperback, 200 pages, Language English, ISBN: 1599868210. Buy it at,,, or

Delueze, Gilles. Cinema: The Movement Image, Vol. 1. University of Minnesota Press. 1986. Paperback, 264 pages, Language English, ISBN: 0816614008. Buy it at,,, or

Dennett, Denniel. Consciousness Explained. Penguin Books. 1993. Paperback, 528 pages, Language English, ISBN: 0316180661. Buy it at,,, or

Derrida, Jacques and Alan Bass (Translator). Writing and Difference. University of Chicago Press. 1980. Hardcover, 342 pages, Language English, ISBN: 0226143287. Buy it at,,, or

Foucault, Michel History of Sexuality: An Introduction. Vintage Books. 1990. Paperback, 176 pages, Language English, ISBN: 0679724699. Buy it at,,, or

Sigmund, Freud. Civilization and its Discontents. Martino Fine Books. 2010. Paperback, 146 pages, Language English, ISBN: 1578988594. Buy it at,,, or

Fukoyama, Francis, Our Posthuman Future: Consequences of the Biotechnology Revolution. Picador. 2003. Paperback, 272 pages, Language English, ISBN: 0312421710. Buy it at,,, or

Habermas, Jürgen and Frederick Lawrence (Translator). The Philosophical Discourse of Modernity: Twelve Lectures. MIT Press. 1987. Hardcover, 450 pages, Language English, ISBN: 0262081636. Buy it at,,, or

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Lacan, Jacques and Alan Sheridan (Translator). Ecrits; A Selection. Norton, W. W. & Company, Inc. 1982. Paperback, 338 pages, Language English, ISBN: 0393300471. Buy it at,,, or

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Rifkin, Jeremy. The Age of Access: The New Culture of Hypercapitalism, Where All of Life Is a Paid-for Experience. Tarcher. 2001. Paperback, 320 pages, Language English, ISBN: 1585420824. Buy it at,,, or

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Žižek, Slavoj. On Belief (Thinking in Action). Routledge. June 26, 2001, 1st edition, Hardcover, 176 pages, Language English, ISBN: 0415255317. Buy it at,,, or Paperback, 176 pages, Language: English, ISBN: 0415255325. Buy it at,,, or

Žižek, Slavoj. Welcome to the Desert of the Real: Five Essays on September 11 and Related Dates. Verso. October 2001, Paperback, 96 pages, Language: English, ISBN: 1859844219. Buy it at,,, or


Slavoj Žižek, Ph.D.

Description: Linking key psychoanalytical and philosophical concepts to social phenomena such as pop culture and political fantasies; allows for a Lacanian reading with emphasis on the metastases of enjoyment and imagination.

Objectives: As this course progresses students will explore the interrelated issues of psychoanlayis, media and politics. We prepare ourselves to engage in current academic discussions surround the distinctions and blurring between these discplines along with teh current theoretical tasks us as modern academics are faced with. As we further our explorations within the blurred boundaries of our current topics the course aims to inform critical theorists and thinkers who are prepared to go beyond the known.

Required Books and Reading Assignments

Žižek, Slavoj. Puppet and the Dwarf the Perverse Core of Christianity. The MIT Press. 2003. Paperback, Language English, ASIN: B000OR16N4. Buy it at,,, or

Žižek, Slavoj. Organs without Bodies: On Deleuze and Consequences. Routledge. October 27, 2003, 1st edition, Hardcover, 272 pages, Language English, ISBN: 0415969204. Buy it at,,, or

Žižek, Slavoj, Elizabeth Wright (Editor) and Edmond Wright (Editor). The Žižek Reader (Blackwell Readers). Blackwell Publishing Limited. March 1, 1999, Hardcover, 344 pages, Language: English, ISBN: 0631212000. Buy it at,,, or Paperback, 344 pages, Language: English, ISBN: 0631212019. Buy it at,,, or