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Mitchell Joachim - Lectures / Seminars / Workshops

Architecture, Urban and Ecological Design (3 Credits)

Mitchell Joachim, Ph.D.

Description:What are the most stimulating solutions to global climate change? The resounding formula for green thinking is broadly interpreted in three meta-themes; apocalyptic, technological, and traditional. Each category promises solutions and/or interpretations of our current environmental calamity. We explore critical philosophical, artistic, and scientific positions in each meta-theme that will help elucidate this dilemma. Students will read, evaluate, and synthesize projects and texts from great minds such as; William Cronon, Bill Mckibben, Bruce Mau, Mike Davis, Marshall McLuhan, Bjorn Lomborg, David Orr, Paul Virilio, Marshall Mclean, Laurence Buell, and others.

Required Readings:

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Mau, Bruce. Massive Change. Phaidon Press. 2004. Hardcover, 240 pages, Language English, ISBN: 9780714844015. Buy it at,,, or

FREE FORM: On Design and the Acoustic Environment (3 credits)

Paul D. Miller and Mitchell Joachim, Ph.D.

Description: The aim of this course is to expand the student's responsiveness to the intersection of sound and architecture. The course will spotlight fundamental values of ecological thought, in relationship to contemporized rhythm, acoustics, and composition. In the first half we will survey and unpack core conceptions of sound aesthetics and eco-design principles. The next half of the program we allow the students to illuminate the concepts of design into a brief intangible/tangible project, to reexamine the interaction between sound, context and urban architecture.

Context: Ungracefully, the American value system is somewhat distressed. It seems value has devolved into feats of rampant affluenza and mega scales; franchise brands, super-sizes, big box retail, XXL jumbo paraphernalia, etc. This consumption encapsulates a joint race for ubiquity and instantaneity in the American mindset. What are the American value systems and how are they expressed within acoustical sound and cities?

Sample Task: Imagine you are the sole leader of the free world. Produce a fabulous semiotic image, acoustic propaganda piece, and/or manifesto that would forever benignly alter our global environment. To help you focus here are some directives to rethink one of many possible anthropocentric needs for the near future; any utilitarian object, transport device, basic sonic composition, or musical network. Visualize a new deep-seated design that subsumes this human necessity entirely within an acoustic ecology. Each designed element should adhere to a predetermined set of socio-ecological principles. This is an exercise in design and sound. Therefore it is not possible to have a truly erroneous solution.

Required Readings:

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Required Listening & Viewing:

Sakamoto, Ryuichi. Out of Noise. CD, AVEX. ASIN: B001OFB8HE. Buy it at,,, or

Bahrini, Ramin. Plastic Bag.

M.I.A. Born Free.

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Collage Aesthetic

Iphone Aesthetics

Wikileaks and

Franzen, Benjamin (Director). Copyright Criminals. Indie Pix Films. 2010. 65 min. Starring: De La Soul, George Clinton, Chuck D, DJ Spooky, Saul Williams. ASIN: B002WPPS5S. Buy it at,,, or

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