Mitchell Joachim

Mitchell Joachim, Professor of Architecture at The European Graduate School / EGS.



Super Cells: Building with Biology
<p>Joachim, Mitchell, and Nina Tandon. <em>Super Cells: Building with Biology</em> (TED Books Book 41). TED Confrences, 2014. ASIN: B00ICXN3VA </p>

Global Design
<p>Joachim, Mitchell, Peder Anker, and Louise Harpman. <em>Global Design</em>. Prestel, 2015. <a href="">ISBN: 3791353586</a><br> </p>

2002-2003 form Z: Joint Study Report
<p>Joachim, Mitchell. <em>2002-2003 form Z: Joint Study Repor</em><em>t</em>. auto*des*sys, INC, 2003. </p>

World Trade Center Regeneration Memorial
<p>Joachim, Mitchell. "World Trade Center Regeneration Memorial." PhD Diss., Harvard University, 2002. </p>


Envisioning Ecological Cities: The Sci-Fi Based Solution to Climate Change
<p>Joachim, Mitchell. “Envisioning Ecological Cities: The Sci-Fi Based Solution to Climate Change.” In <i>Ecological Urbanism, </i>edited by Mohsen Mostafavi and Gareth Doherty. Lars Müller Publishers, 2010. <a href="">ISBN: 3037781890</a> </p>

<p>Joachim, Mitchell. “Terrefuge." In <i>Architecture of Change 2: Sustainability and Humanity in the Built Environment, </i>edited by K. Feireiss and L. Feireiss. Die Gestalten Verlag, 2009. <a href="">ISBN: 3899552636</a>. </p>

Super Cilia Skin
<p>Joachim, Mitchell, Hayes Raffle, and James Tichenor. "Super Cilia Skin." In <i>Transmaterial 2, </i>edited by Blaine Brownell. Princeton Architectural Press, 2008. <a href="">ISBN: 1568987226</a> </p>

Go Figure Somerville
<p>Joachim, Mitchell, and Michael Sorkin. “Go Figure Somerville." In <i>EDGE as CENTER; Envisioning the post-industrial landscape, </i>edited by Anya Bokov. 2007. <a href="">ISBN: 9780979867903</a> </p>

City Car: A New Design Approach Enabling Urban Mobility
<p>Joachim, Mitchell, Ryan Chin, Patrik Künzler, William Lark, and Smart Cities Group. "City Car: A New Design Approach Enabling Urban Mobility." In <i>Convergence.</i> Society of Automotive Engineers, 2008. </p>

Development of an Articulated Vehicle Chassis the H-type
<p>Joachim, Mitchell, Axel Kilian, Patrik Künzler, and Peter Schmidt. “Development of an Articulated Vehicle Chassis the H-type." In <i>Game Set and Match II</i>, edited by Kas Oosterhuis and Lukas Feireiss. Episode publishers, 2006. <a href="">ISBN: 9059730364</a> </p>

Nature's Home
<p>Joachim, Mitchell, Javier Arbona, Lara Greden. “Nature's Home." In <i>30 60 90 08: Autonomous Urbanism, </i>edited by Kjersti Monson and Alex Duval. Princeton Architectural Press, 2005. <a href="">ISBN: 1568985223</a> </p>

Super Cilia Skin
<p>Joachim, Mitchell , Hayes Raffle, and James Tichenor, “Super Cilia Skin." In <i>Human-Computer Interaction.</i> Prentice Hall, 2003. <a href="">ISBN: 0130461091</a> </p>