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Hubertus von Amelunxen - Seminars / Workshops / Lectures

MEANING AND REPRESENTATION: The Philosophy of Still and Moving Images. (3 credits)

Hubertus von Amelunxen, Ph.D.

Description: This course is designed to examine the related issues of representation and meaning. Through examining the interfaces of photography and video the terror of the body in digital space comes to the forefront. As students examine the theory and art related to photography we will come to a deeper understanding of what it means to be a body in a digitized world.

Objectives: Students shall become familiar with the work of Vilem Flusser and Victor Burgin. Students will develop the vocabulary and artistic knowledge necessary to engage in the contemporary art world. Through examining the theory of Roland Barthes and others we begin to scratch the surface of art theory and its penetrating gaze as we develop the tools necessary for art criticism and the production of art.

Learning Outcomes: Students will have learned the history of photography and the theories associated with it. Students will engage in meaningful discussion and group activities related to the development of artistic criticism. Students will gain a theoretical lens which enables them to push the theories of digital art into the next millenium.

Module One: The Still and Moving Image: variations in the production of meaning.
Section 1: Eisenstein vs. Vertov
Section 2: Barthes and the Film Still: the 3rd Sense and the Punctum
Section 3: Film as Symbolic/ Photography as Allegorical
Section 4: Production of the Supplement: the Fetish and the Third Sense

Module Two: The Image and Psychoanalysis
Section 1: Narrative and the Image: an Encounter with Fantasy and Freams
Section 2: A Case Study in Recollection: Freud’s Screen Memory
Section 3: Narrative, Image and Myth: Barthes’ Camera Lucida
Section 4: Current Applications of Psychoanalysis: Jenni’s Room

Module Three: Photography and Sound
Section 1: Echo and Narcissus
Section 2: The Image and History
Section 3: Vilem Flusser’s Technology
Section 4: Melancholy and Being

Required Readings and Assignments:

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von Amelunxen, Hubertus (Editor) and Siemens Kulturprogramm (Author) and Stefan Iglhaut (Editor) and Florian Rotzer (Editor) and Alexis Cassel (Editor) and Nikolaus G. Schneider (Editor). Photography after Photography. Memory and Representation in the Digital Age. Art Stock. April 1997. Hardcover, 310 pages, Language English, ISBN: 9057011018. Buy it at,,, or

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ARCHITECTURE AND INFORMATION: Dismembering the Real. (3 credits)

Hubertus von Amelunxen, Ph.D.

Description: The ramifications of dismembering the real and the challenge of information for architecture are explored in a cross-disciplinary brainstorming with a thinking architect.

Required Books and Reading Assignments:

Vidler, Anthony. Warped Space. Art, Architecture and Anxiety in Modern Culture. Paperback, 300 pages, MIT Press, ISBN: 0262720418 . Buy it at,,, or

von Amelunxen, Hubertus and C. Aigner and W. Smerling (Editors). Tomorrow For Ever. Architektur/Zeit/Photographie. Dumont. 1999. Unknown Binding, 215 pages, Language German, ISBN: 3770150686. Buy it at,,, or