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Donna Haraway - Videos

Length: 1:24:34

Donna Haraway, Distinguished Professor Emerita, History of Consciousness Dept, UC Santa Cruz, delivering the keynote speech "Staying with the trouble: Becoming Worldly with Companion Species" for the Women's Studies Program 5th Annual Feminist Theory Workshop held at Duke University, March 18 & 19th.

Length: 1:08:47

Haraway starts off from Virginia Anderson's book "Creatures of Empire" as she explores how the premise of anthropocentrism gives way to a notion of living with companion species.

Donna Haraway presenting the theory and methodology of her "companion species manifesto - dogs, people and significant otherness", whereby she abandons any cyborg identity, and goes completely 'to the dogs'. A lecture on human understanding of and interaction with dogs.


Length: 0:03:17

Donna Haraway encourages the mixing of agencies and mixing of ontologies in exploring what makes for a livable co-constitutive life. This sets up different narrative patterns for understanding technology.

Donna Haraway speaking in honour of Michel Foucault in a lecture "birth of the kennel, cyborgs, dogs and companion species" an inquiry into 'emergent ontologies' for the understanding of technoscience. She also described the socialist origins of the Cyborg Manifesto.

Donna Haraway questioning the representation of the universal man, untangling the web of meanings, tracing what gets to count as nature, for whom and when, and how much it costs to produce nature at a particular moment in history for a particular group of people. Donna Haraway Reads The National Geographic on Primates. Paper Tiger Television. Tape number 126. 1987.