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Donna Haraway - Seminars / Workshops / Lectures

THE CYBORG: Interface of Nature and Culture (3 credits)

Donna Haraway, Ph.D.

Description: This course examines the innovative work of Donna Haraway. We will begin with studying cyborgs, the breakthrough essay that defined a whole new genre of cyberfeminist. Next we will examine the relationships between humans and nature, humans and dogs, technology and the non-human. As we move through these relations we begin to see the spaces of emergence and learn to expand our notions of species and affection. We will take a special consideration of the relationship of science, objectivity, subjectivity to gender and technology. We will also examine multiple forms of knowledge creation and styles.

Objectives: Students shall become familiar with critical cyber literature. Students will examine the relationship between humans and technology. Students will examine in depth the relationship between species and technology as a way of understanding ethics, literature and philosophy in a cyborg future. As we explore these topics students will become intimate with Donna Haraway’s revolutionary ideas.

Learning Outcomes: This course is designed for scholars and artists interested in technology and its impacts on identity, ethics, politics, and the environment. As we question the relationship between human and machine we will be prepared for teaching courses in technology and philosophy. We will also incorporate the classwork to our dissertation projects and creative works.

Required Books and Reading Assignments:

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Haraway, Donna J. Simians, Cyborgs, and Women: The Reinvention of Nature. Routledge. December 1991. Paperback, 287 pages, Language English, ISBN: 0415903874. Buy it at,,, or