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Bracha Ettinger - Lectures / Seminars / Workshops

THE MATRIXIAL BORDERSPACE: Art, Psychoanalysis and Philosophy (3 Credits)

Bracha Ettinger, Ph.D.

Description: The workshop will explore aesthetic practice as rethinking ethics, in a feminist dialogue with Levinas, Lyotard, Lacan, Deleuze and Guattari; enabling a dimension of emergence which underlies trauma, memory, representation and post-Lacanian subjectivity. This course enters the unique space that is to be understood as matrixial borderspace by means of close readings of Lacan, Deleuze and Freud. Bracha moves psychoanlysis outside the realms of traditional phallocentric economy into the feminine. Not to be understood as the female body as such but rather the suppressed m/Other that has been denied by a history of phallocentric repression. Taking theory to a new extreme this course entices the reader and writer into the unknown boundaries of the feminine archaic psychic spaces that build the memory of the unconscious not known as such. At the end of the course the student will have a grasp on the workings of Lacan and Deleuze and their relationship to contemporary feminist studies.

Objectives: The intensive, interdisciplinary seminar is devoted to responding to Bracha L. Ettinger's The Matrixial Borderspace [essays published between 1994-1999] from a range of interdisciplinary perspectives: psychoanalysis, philosophy, film studies, visual culture, theology, feminism and queer theory. The seminar provides a unique opportunity to read a small sample of Bracha Ettinger's oeuvre closely and discuss its implications for a range of fields but especially for the insights offered for considering gender and sexuality and the potential for a sustained dialogue between psychoanalysts, critical theorists and practitioners of the arts. The seminar will feature a discussion of Sigmund Freud's paper on the uncanny together with Bracha Ettinger's formulation of the matrixial before Bracha Ettinger continues with her current research. The seminar will be devoted to discussing The Matrixial Borderspace in more detail and the various theoretical, ethical, cultural and political questions it raises more generally.

Required Readings:

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Recommended Readings:

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