As alumni of the European Graduate School, your relationship to the University does not have to end at the time of your graduation. It will continue to grow as you stay in touch with former classmates and other graduates. We invite you to take advantage of the invaluable resources available to members of the Alumni Association.

As EGS alumni, this section is dedicated to helping you stay in contact with former classmates, request transcripts and certificates, give donations to the European Graduate School, and take part in lectures and special alumni events and festivities. EGS hosts an array of events, workshops, and lectures designed not only for current students but also for the continuous education of our graduates.

The Alumni Association is an ever growing community committed to promoting the success of EGS and in establishing mutually beneficial relationships between the University and former students who are based all over the world. Remaining connected to all of our graduates helps us to celebrate alumni achievements and to keep alumni stay informed of on-goings in our international community.

Graduates are encouraged to use the Alumni Directory site to keep up to date on all EGS activities, as well as stay informed on educational and professional opportunities available to members of our Alumni Association and other EGS community members. Whether you are a filmmaker looking for a composer, a professor lecturing in a new city where other alumni are based, or an academic seeking research assistance, there are endless exchange and sharing possibilities within the Alumni Directory. If you have not registered with us yet, please do so here.

As with any University, EGS needs resources to maintain the excellence of its services. Our alumni and friends make contributions because EGS has influenced their lives and they want to join us in continuing to make EGS a better place to teach and learn. Alumni have not only shaped the University with their professional and academic successes, but also with their contributions and donations. It is simple and convenient to give to EGS, as you will see in our Giving to EGS section.