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The EGS Student and Alumni Database allows you to gain recognition in your achievements, share scholarly and cultural interests, become involved in related research activities, events and publications, as well as gain perspective on long-term academic and professional goals. It also allows you to connect with fellow students from other groups and different years by creating a profile of your educational and professional background, research interests and the projects you are currently in the process developing.


Our PhD and MA graduates, in addition to the many ABDs, achieve academic appointments in amazing numbers; nearly all who wanted to teach at college or University level are able to do it. The magic of mix of professors and the achievements of the graduates at EGS make hiring committees eager to meet our academics, filmmakers and professionals who actually studied with our luminaries. Still, it is always helpful to find the right people and institutions for cooperation projects.


All data will be secure and not open to non-members. The EGS Student and Alumni Database both divisions, creating mutual benefits for all involved parties from our initial networking experience.