Visitor Information

Flight and Airport Recommendations:

Flights: Saas-Fee, Post can be reached by plane via Basel (Airport Code: BSL), Geneva (Airport Code: GVA) and Zürich (Airport Code: ZRH). Tickets should be booked as early as possible since it gets more expensive as Summer approaches, and direct flights go first. Cheaptickets and Orbitz are good sources; they require credit card payment.

Return flights that leave Basel, Geneva or Zürich in the morning shouldn't be booked, since the earliest flight you can make by bus or train would be after noon.

Private Plane: For private planes the closest airport is Sion Airport (IATA Code: SIR, ICAO Code: LSGS), the airport of the city of Sion in Switzerland, located 2,5 km SW of Sion city in the Rhone Valley, around 50km (30 miles) from Saas-Fee. The airport has two runways (Asphalt 07R/25L: Length: 6,561ft/2,000m, Width: 40m and Grass 07L/25R: Length: 2,165ft/660m, Width: 30m), the coordinates are: 46°13′10.53″N 7°19′36.35″E and 46.2195917°N 7.3267639°E, the elevation is 483 m / 1,585 ft. For more information please contact: Airport Sion, Tel: +41 27 329 0600, Fax: +41 27 329 0616, SITA: SIRAPXH,, Web:

Panorama of the traditional houses in the village of Saas-Fee, Wallis.

Trains and Train Stations:

Train: The airports in Basel (Airport Code: BSL), Geneva (Airport Code: GVA) and Zürich (Airport Code: ZRH) offer excellent connections to Saas-Fee, Post (via Visp) and other destinations of the Swiss and European rail network. The SBB (Schweizerische Bundesbahnen) airport railway stations have direct access to the airport Check-in and Arrival levels. Train tickets can be purchased from the machines located in the station (CHF, Euro or credit cards), from the station counters, and from the CFF Ticket Shop.

SBB Mobile World even offers a wide range of services that can be accessed on the move from iPhones or other mobile phones. The SBB Mobile service provides door-to-door travel information, real-time information in the event of an incident, time table, ticket counter, and credit card payment for public transport services. For more information please visit: Schweizerische Bundesbahnen SBB.

Basel: The distance between Basel Airport (Airport Code: BSL) and Saas-Fee, Post (via Visp) is roughly 320km, about 3 hours 40 mins by car and 3 hours 40 mins with public transportation. For more information please visit: Basel Airport / Europort Basel Mulhouse Freiburg. Aéroport de Bâle-Mulhouse BP 60120, F-68304 Saint-Louis Cedex, France. Tel: +33 3 89 90 31 11. Web:

Geneva: The distance between Geneva Airport (Airport Code: GVA) and Saas-Fee, Post (via Visp) is roughly 240km, about 2 hours 33 mins by car and 3 hours 28 mins with public transportation. For more information please visit: Geneva International Airport, 1215 Geneva, Switzerland. Tel: +41 22 717 71 11. Web:

Zürich: The distance between Zürich Airport (Airport Code: ZRH) and Saas-Fee, Post (via Visp) is roughly 250km, about 3 hours 18 mins by car and 3 hours 15 mins with public transportation. For more information please visit: Zürich Airport, 8302 Kloten, Switzerland, 1215 Geneva, Switzerland. Tel: +41 43 816 22 11. Web:

After the train ride from Basel, Geneva or Zürich to Visp; on arrival you need to take the bus (Postbus) waiting outside the train station in Visp in order to come to Saas-Fee, Post (another 45min). The bus station in Visp is directly in front of the train station. The final destination of the bus is the same as yours: Saas-Fee, Post (Busterminal).

The Postbus:

Bus: The bus trip is approx. CHF 20 (USD 20). Please check: for all bus related information and make sure you arrive in time to catch a bus before 8:30pm - there are no buses during the night and a taxi would be your only hope.

Try to have your Postbus ticket to "Saas-Fee, Post" included when you buy the train ticket (sometimes not possible from abroad), if not, you have to buy it at the train station (with cash or credit card) or when you enter the bus (only cash in Swiss Francs). Please check: the Swiss ( or German ( train companies for all train related information such as tickets, fares and schedules.

Please have a look at the current travel information from Zürich Airport to Saas-Fee, Post and from Geneva Airport to Saas-Fee, Post.

Panorama of the houses and hotels in the village of Saas-Fee, Wallis.


Taxi: If you consider taking a taxi (up to four persons) from Visp (See contact address below) to Saas-Fee, it will cost CHF 120.00 (USD 120.00) and may be an alternative if a few people chip in. For six persons and more the taxi company is charging CHF 180.00 (180 USD) for a mini bus (reservation required). Please identify yourself as student from European Graduate School to receive special rates.

For more information please contact: Taxi Zerzuben, Kantonsstrasse 67, CH-3930 Visp, Switzerland, Phone: +41 27 9 480 480, Fax +41 27 9 480 485,,

We are looking forward to meeting you in Saas-Fee.