President's Office

Welcome at European Graduate School,

Having taught at EGS for over a decade, it fills me with the greatest pleasure to have received the nomination to the position of Rector and I am extremely grateful for the confidence that has been put in my ability to take on the legacy of this unparalleled institution and carry it forward into a new era.

EGS offers at once one of the most ancient and one of the most progressive contents to the student/teacher relationship in that it is an exquisitely demanding environment, in which minds are challenged to cross intellectual and philosophical borders and encounters may lead to lifelong bonds based on unwavering commitment and a belief in the constructive potential of change.

The role of Rector is therefore a dual one; the custodian and the ambassador meet in this position. It is with great dedication, boundless energy and a clear vision that I accept both.

Hubertus von Amelunxen, Dr. phil.,

European Graduate School EGS, President, September 2013


The European Graduate School is located in Le Valais/ the Wallis, a bilingual region of Switzerland rich in vineyards and wine-making. EGS itself is like a vineyard: we plant seeds of learning, tend to the education of students carefully, observe each for healthy growth (helping to prune whatever is in the way), and encouraging the full development of every student's potential.

The students themselves take the harvest of their learning and make it into a vintage based on their own capacities, ready to go into the world and offer something of value. The wines of EGS have a unique bouquet, with an interdisciplinary and international flavor that brings the best of many countries and fields of learning together.

Above all, our faculty members, alumni, and students are distinguished by their creative excellence, building on old-traditions and adding new dimensions that are fit for the complexity of the world today. As they age and mature over time, as in a fermentation process, they grow deeper and more profound; they are now ready to proliferate and create new vineyards and vintages of their own.

The seeds of learning bear rich fruit. EGS is proud of our methods of cultivation and we welcome all those who would like to grow and flourish with us.

Paolo J. Knill, Dr. phil., Dr. h.c.

European Graduate School EGS, President, April 2009