The European Graduate School (EGS)

The EGS was established as a Graduate School in 1994, and chartered as graduate and post-graduate degree-granting University, with a Campus in Saas-Fee, Wallis. The EGS is accredited by permission of the State Council (Staatsrat) of the State and Canton Wallis, Switzerland, to award recognized Master (M.A.) and Ph.D. (Dr.phil.) degrees and is formally recognized as university in Wallis by Staatsratsbeschluss (State Council decision, from June 20, 2002). EGS is funded by the non-for profit EGS-Foundation. Cofounders are the State and Canton of Wallis, the town of Saas Fee and The European Foundation of Interdisciplinary Studies (EGIS).

In recognition of the benefits of international scientific exchange the EGS has established a curricular cooperation with universities in other countries, especially in Europe and the USA: Academy of Media Arts, Cologne; Graduate School for Arts, Munich (Germany); University of Arts, Berlin (Germany); University of Split (Croatia); Appalachian State University, North Carolina (United States); Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY (United States); University of Evora (Portugal); Clemson University, South Carolina (United States); 17, Instituto de Estudios Críticos, Mexico City (Mexico); Beit Berl College (Israel); NSCAD University, Nova Scotia (Canada); University of Pristina (Kosovo).

The Media and Communication Division

Within the last decades the field of communication has shifted its focus from mass communication, journalism, and interpersonal communication to media theory, cultural studies, media arts, and Web 2.0.The transdisciplinary turn of communication studies deals critically and creatively with information technology and media, the 'software' of society as well as the fabric of private life. At the core of this comprehensive approach to communication is a media philosophy which emphasizes the human condition and our life technologies. Our questions concern aesthetics and ethics in theory and practice with special consideration given to the sociology and psychology of advanced communication technologies. Our broad understanding of communication integrates emphatically all art forms from poetry to cinema, from music to experimental architecture, from writing to new media.

This is reflected in our graduate and post-graduate studies drawn from cutting-edge theories and style-setting creative projects, exploring the cultural differences between Europe, America and Asia. Leading faculty from American and European universities and art institutions are joined by renowned filmmakers, artists, writers, musicians to guarantee innovative methods of teaching and learning with a high level of student participation.

Degrees offered: Ph.D. in Communication and M.A. in Communication

Dean: Prof. Dr. Christopher Fynsk

Program Director: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schirmacher

Chief Information Officer: Samuel Mitnick

Central Office: European Graduate School Media & Communication Division, Alter Kehr 20, CH-3953 Leuk-Stadt Switzerland. Phone: +41-27-474 9917 Fax: +41-27-474 9969

The Arts, Health, and Society Division

The field of expressive arts at the Arts, Health and Society division at European Graduate School EGS has broadened from an initial therapeutic focus to a concern with arts-based processes of change in diverse areas: therapy, education, coaching and consulting, and conflict transformation and peace-building. Our programs are thoroughly interdisciplinary, drawing on all artistic modalities and theoretical perspectives, united by a concern for the effectiveness of the arts in bringing about change. We emphasize a phenomenological standpoint, allowing arts processes to unfold their own meaning through careful attention. Our foundation lies in poiesis, the capacity of human beings to respond to what is given to them and to shape their world and themselves. Above all, we aim to develop a sense of aesthetic responsibility in our students, the capacity to intervene in problematic situations in order to bring about solutions that lead to well-being.

Our faculty includes founders of the field of expressive arts with extensive experience on both theoretical and practical levels. Our programs are arts-based and take place within a community of adult learners from around the globe. Therapists, educators, coaches, consultants and those engaged in social change work together in a participatory way to develop their leadership skills and the confidence that will enable them to present their work effectively. We offer students the opportunity to take part in the creative development of this new and exciting field.

Degrees offered: Ph.D. in Expressive Arts, CAGS in Expressive Arts, M.A. in Expressive Arts Therapy, M.A. in Expressive Arts Coaching, Consulting and Education and M.A. in Expressive Arts Conflict Transformation and Peace Building.

Dean Masters Program: Prof. Dr. Margo Fuchs

Dean Doctoral Program: Prof. Dr. Stephen K. Levine

Program Director ­ Expressive Arts in Conflict Transformation and Peace Building: Prof. Dr. Melinda Ashley Meyer

Director - ICAP Research Institure: Carrie MacLeod, M.A.

Central Office: European Graduate School Arts, Health & Society Division, Alter Kehr 20, CH-3953 Leuk-Stadt Switzerland. Phone: +41-27-474 9917 Fax: +41-27-474 9969

The European Graduate School Foundation (EGSF)

Chairman: Dr. Fritz Schaeren

Vice-Chairman: Dr. Felix Zurbriggen

President and Provost: Prof. Dr. Hubertus von Amelunxen

Board of Trustees: Prof. Dr. phil. Herbert Eberhart, Prof. Dr. Michael Schmidt, Peter Margelist, lic. iur., Representative of Ministry of Education, Wallis, Roger Kalbermatten, lic. rer. pol., Christine Schaad Hügli, lic. iur., Prof. Emerit. Dr. h.c. P.J. Knill, Ph.D. (Honorary member)

European Graduate School, European Graduate School Foundation. Alter Kehr 20, CH-3953 Leuk-Stadt Switzerland. Phone: +41-27-474 9917 Fax: +41-27-474 9969

Note: The European Graduate School reserves the right to modify or discontinue seminars, to amend the scale of fees, or to amend any other information without prior notice.