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Saas-Fee - The Pearl of the Alps:

Panorama of the village of Saas-Fee, Wallis.

Saas-Fee: known as the "Pearl of the Alps," is located near the Matterhorn in Wallis (Valais) and surrounded by thirteen mountains. Saas-Fee is the main village in the Saastal or the Saas Valley and is a municipality in the district of Visp in the canton of Valais in Switzerland. The villages in its neighborhood are Saas-Almagell, Saas-Grund and Saas-Balen.

Its location close to the glaciers of the Dom and the Allalinhorn provides winter sport opportunities throughout the year, and neighboring peaks such as the Weissmies, the Nadelhorn and the Lenzspitze are popular climbs in the summer season. The community is considered to be a very attractive winter sport destination in the Swiss Alps. Typical activities include skiing, carving, snowshoe trekking, canyon climbing and ice climbing.

The village is a car-free zone and a beautiful starting point for climbing tours and skiing. A new Metro Alpine connects Saas-Fee with higher regions where skiing is possible even in the summer. The German playwright Carl Zuckmayer (Der fröhliche Weinberg, Der Hauptmann von Köpenick, Des Teufels General) lived in Saas-Fee from 1958 to until his death in 1977.

The town has all the amenities of a first-class Swiss resort (including spa, sports field, and public swimming pool in August). Saas-Fee can be reached by plane via Geneva or Zurich in combination with the excellent Swiss Federal Railways. A railway terminal is located within both airports where you can purchase a combined train and bus ticket to Visp — with connections every 30 minutes.

For more information about how to get to Saas-Fee, please visit the Visitor Information section on our website.

Panorama of Saas-Fee, Wallis, including parking garage

This village high in the mountains has a no-car policy, but there will be a small electrocar from the Allalin Hotel (our principal reception place, next to the EGS office) sent to the Saas-Fee bus station to meet every bus arriving from Visp / Brig between 11am and 9pm on arrival day. If you arrive earlier, the hotel is a 10-minute walk away, or use a courtesy phone across from the bus station at the tourist Information office to call the Allalin Hotel.

Accommodation/ Room / Board / Meals in Saas-Fee

The Allalin Hotel, located at the sunny "Lomatte", is the principal reception place for students and faculty of European Graduate School. The owner Tobias Zurbriggen is managing the hotel in the 3rd generation and guaranties for quality and a warm and pleasant atmosphere. The Allalin Hotel is obligated by contract to provide our students exceptional rates of around US $120.00 a day for lodging, meals and internet access, either in hotel rooms or nearby apartments. The hotel is offering reduced rates for family members or friends visiting during the summer programs.

The residence buildings are located at a distance of 250-600 meters from the main building, the Hotel Allalin and from the neighboring hotels. Single and double rooms in its residence buildings, in neighboring hotels are available. Rooms and apartments have different floor plans, they generally do not provide telephone, internet/e-mail access, hairdryers, alarm clocks, voltage adapters, nor minibar/fridges. Accommodation with kitchen/kitchenette is available upon request. All meals are going to be served at the Allalin Hotel, the hotel provides meals for vegetarians and vegans, but is not able to address individual allergies like gluten.

Students must book their room and board directly from the Hotel Allalin: the hotel accepts cash (US Dollar, Swiss Francs or Euro), credit cards or bank transfers. A down payment of 1000.- USD is required upon reservation, the remainder will be paid upon check-in in Saas-Fee. All Credit Cards are accepted. Please note that an administrative charge of 2% of the total amount for the room and board rate will be added to credit card payments.

For more information please contact: Hotel Allalin. Eva & Sabrina Zurbriggen. Lomatte, CH 3906 Saas-Fee, Switzerland. Tel. +41 27 958 1000, Fax: +41 27 958 1001 or Web: http://www.allalin.ch/, Email: info@allalin.ch

Account Information: UBS AG, CH-8098 Zuerich, Switzerland, Clearing Number: 263, Swift Code: UBSWCHZH80A, Account Number: 263-103929.01U, IBAN (International Bank Account Number): CH75 0026 3263 1039 2901 U, Account owner: Eva & Sabrina Zurbriggen, Hotel Allalin, Lomattenstrasse 7, CH-3906 Saas-Fee, Switzerland

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Saas-Fee Impressions

Saas-Fee Tourist Office Mittelallalin Saas-Fee
Saas-Fee Tourist Office. With clear view the Allalinhorn can be seen in the middle (4'027 m). Height: 1'800 m Updates: every 15 minutes (during daytime) Mittelallalin Saas-Fee. Mountain station of Metro Alpin, highest underground railway of the world. Height: 3'500 m Updates: every 5 minutes (during daytime)
Saas-Fee village Kreuzboden above Saas-Grund
Saas-Fee village. View of the main shopping street of Saas-Fee. Height: 1'800 m Updates: every 15 minutes (during daytime)   Kreuzboden above Saas-Grund. Mountain station of Section 1 / Section 2: Hohsaas 3'100 m. Height: 2'400 m Updates: every 5 minutes (during daytime)  
Station Alpin Express Furggstalden
Station Alpin Express 1'790 meter. With clear view the Hannig can be seen. Height: 2'350 m Updates: every 15 minutes (during daytime)   Furggstalden above Saas-Almagell. Height: 1'900 m. Updates: every 10 minutes (during daytime).  
nursery slopes Heidbodme
Station Spielboden cable way 1'800 meter. View to the Stafelwald and meeting point of the ski schools. Updates: every 15 minutes (during daytime).   Heidbodme above Saas-Almagell. Heidbodme above Saas-Almagell. Height: 2'400 m. Updates: every 10 minutes (during daytime)  
Hannig, Saas-Fee Hohsaas, Saas-Fee
Hannig above Saas-Fee. View to the Hannig above Saas-Fee. Height: 2'350 m. Updates: every 15 minutes (during daytime).   Hohsaas above Saas-Fee. Hohsaas above Saas-Fee. Height: 3'250 m. Updates: every 10 minutes (during daytime)  

Weather in Saas-Fee:

Weather: As Saas-Fee is located at 1,800 m (5,906 ft), please be advised that the weather in Saas-Fee can be rather cool in June (sometimes even in August) which is conducive to thinking. Bring a sweater or jacket for the evenings! For current conditions go to: http://www.saas-fee.ch/en/weather.cfm

Five Day Weather Forecast: