Welcome to the European Graduate School

Division of Philosophy, Art, and Critical Thought

The PACT Division features two degree programs (MA and PhD) in Philosophy, Art, and Social Thought↗, and Literary, Musical, and Visual Thought↗. These closely integrated programs bring together renowned philosophers, critical theorists, artists, and other practitioners (in digital design, music, architecture, and other fields) for uniquely structured programs that make The EGS a world leading university for cross-disciplinary study and research.

  1. Campuses of startling and inspiring beauty in Valletta, Malta↗, and Saas Fee, Switzerland↗.
  2. An international community of exceptional students with diverse backgrounds who remain in active contact and convene in The EGS hubs (currently in Singapore, Berlin, and New York) and other emerging clusters.
  3. Faculty↗ who have shaped the very form of contemporary critical theory. Some of these are world-leading celebrities, while others are known in smaller circles for their outstanding teaching, research and creative capacities. View the faculty members scheduled for the upcoming summer sessions in Saas-Fee↗.
  4. An absolute commitment to the vitality and quality of teaching. The EGS places academic freedom at the core of its activities and encourages its faculty to explore the foundations of modern thought and the urgent questions facing our time. It frees its faculty to concentrate on teaching and seeks to explore what a university can be.
  5. EU accredited degree programs↗ to prepare students for academic careers, work in NGOs and other public service, the arts, the media, and cultural sectors. The intensive seminar structure allows students to pursue other work or professional obligations throughout the year.